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    Quality Score where it really matters.

    Quality Scores are only visible at the keyword level in your AdWords account, making it hard to manage. Tenscores aggregates them to show you a Score for every Ad Group, every Campaign, up to your whole account. This way know what's going on from a high level without having to scrutinize every single keyword.

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    Distributions for all metrics.

    Keywords perform differently at each Quality Score. Understand how your keywords are distributed accross Quality Scores, as well as how important metrics like clicks, impressions, first page bids, costs, etc, are distributed themselves.

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    Know exactly what to do next.

    You might have a landing page problem giving you low scores, Tenscores will tell you. You may need to re-group your ad groups or simply keep testing new ads. Whatever you need to do to get higher scores and rip all the benefits, Tenscores will tell you.

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    Metrics Google doesn’t show you.

    See an estimate of how much added spend is being accrued in your account due to low scores. Or how much is being saved on high scores. In context with your total costs pulled from Adwords, it gives you an idea of how much impact higher scores will have on you bottom line.

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    Filter your data.

    Filter you data to see only the "losing" campaigns or ad groups, those that are wasting you money due to low scores. Or, you may want to see only those that have been rising in the last few days. Filters help you segment your data so you can focus on what you decide to focus on.

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Go back in time on everything.

You cannot see the history of Quality Scores in your AdWords account. With Tenscores you can. And you'll be able to compare their evolution with important metrics such as CPC, first page bid, CTR, etc.

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