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Tenscores Dashboard
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    Quality Score where it really matters

    Quality Scores are only visible at the keyword level in AdWords, and their evolution is not provided. With Tenscores you'll see your Quality Scores at the account, campaign and ad group levels. Additionally, we track their values on a daily basis and alert you by email about major changes.

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    If your Quality Scores are low, Tenscores will tell you what you need to do to improve them. It will show you ad groups that have too many keywords or those that have an unhealthy heavy use of broad match keywords as well as those that have CTR problems.

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    Apply recommendations in a few clicks

    The automatic restructuring feature allows you to fix ad group size problems and match type problems in a few clicks. This way you can focus on your ads which are the most important part of the equation. The Ad Analysis feature will show you ad groups that only have one ad so you can write a second and start testing; it will show you where you have winning ads by CTR or conversions so you can pause losing ads.

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    Metrics Google doesn’t show you

    See an estimate of the penalty being accrued in your account due to low scores. Or how much is being saved on high scores. In context with your total costs pulled from Adwords, it gives you an idea of how much impact higher scores will have on you bottom line.

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    Your campaigns are ordered by priority, the ones wasting you more money due to low scores being at the top. When they have been optimized, they shift to the winning area where you can see how much you're saving due to their now acquired higher scores.

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On top of detailed Quality Score analysis, Tenscores will show you how well you're spending your money on Adwords. It is often the case that you have a vast majority of keywords costing you money without ever generating conversions. We'll show you which they are so you can evaluate them and act accordingly.

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